What is the difference between a machine spray tan & a customized airbrush tan applied by a person?

The spray tan booths cannot change the % based on skin types or there are only a couple different levels. This is why people may get orange from a booth. They are getting sprayed with the wrong % for their skin type. There are up to 6 different skin types so this % can vary drastically and the machine will not adjust, nor will it look as flawless as an airbrush by a person.

Will I turn orange after my spray tan?

This is dependent on the education and the technicians knowledge of understanding percentages and skin types. All our technicians understand this to an extreme. We can guarantee no orange color.

I am pregnant or breast feeding, can I get an airbrush spray tan?

Although our solution is non toxic & not known to have any detrimental effects on an expected mother, we do recommend an approval from your doctor during the first trimester. If you are within 4 days of your due date we have a right to refuse the tan in case a c-section needs to be performed. You can still get an airbrush tan when breast feeding we just recommend you wear a bra.

Should I get beauty services before or after my airbrush tan?

We recommend scheduling all beauty and spa appointments such as pedicures, manicures, waxing appointments, hair appointments and massages all before your airbrush tan as these can interfere with your tan if you schedule them after.

What if I don’t have enough hours to let the tan develop?

We have a rapid spray tan solution that can be rinsed off in 1 to 5 hours depending on your skin type. This is great for last minute events.

What is the advantage to purchasing sunless safe products?

Our retail products are made to interact with our solution. So purchasing these from us will make your tan last a lot longer. Sunless tans are very delicate and store bought products can fade them very fast. These products will last for multiple tans and will probably only need to be purchased once or twice a year.

What kind of solution do you use?

There is no such thing as 100% organic sunless solution due to the DHA not being organic, however it is considered safe for external application and is derived from sugar cane and beets. We do spray with the cleanest solutions we can find on the market that do contain mostly organic ingredients besides the DHA which is only about 10-15% of the solution.

What is DHA?

This is what creates the browning of the skin. DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is an ingredient derived from sugar cane and beets, which reacts with the amino acids in the protein of the outter layer of the skin. DHA is considered safe, non toxic & is FDA approved for external application.

What do I wear for an airbrush tan?

You can wear whatever YOU are comfortable in. We have sprayed people in one piece bathing suits all the way down to a thong. The FDA requires an undergarment be worn as well as protective eye wear, nose filters, ear protection & lip balm all of which we supply.

How long does my spray tan take to dry?

You will dry almost instantly. We spray with such a fine mist & there is a built in blower in the gun which allows drying as we are spraying. You will not feel wet and it is a fast drying technique. You can get your tan and then get dressed and go on with your busy life. If you add on our full body setting powder it sets it and drys it even faster.

How long will my spray tan last?

We have seen this vary from person to person. It depends on a variety of things and how well you follow pre & post instructions. On average your tan can last anywhere from 7 to 14 days depending on your post tan care and if you are using spray tan safe products or not. Please ask your technician about any post tan questions.

My spray tan lasted 1-2 days or appeared streaky, what happened?

There are many factors that can contribute to this problem. The PH balance of your skin may have been off so the DHA did not properly react with your skin. PH balancing spray is available for purchase at your next session to see if that helps. Certain cleansers & or lotions may contain mineral oil. Any products with mineral oil will strip the tan faster. That is why we recommend our products for pre and post tan application. Also your skin may have been too dry due to not exfoliating properly.

What is the right way to exfoliate?

Exfoliate the skin gently. Doing this too rough will take off too many dead skin cells and the DHA will not interact correctly with your skin. We highly recommend our exfoliation products which you can purchase in our studio. Any oil based exfoliates can interfere if used 48 hours within your session. Our exfoliating products are used by most people with best results.

Should I purchase a tan extender lotion?

This is the best form of lotion to use during your airbrush tan. Start these on day 2 or 3 as too much in the beginning can create an unnatural look. These are used best after your shower every other day for sensitive skin and every day for non sensitive skin. If you experience dryness space the extender out a bit more.

I am not as dark as I hoped to be, what would cause this ?

  • You showered too soon and the tan was not fully developed.
  • You rinsed off with too hot of water.
  • The PH balance of your skin was off.
  • You used bar soap to rinse off, only use water to rinse off the bronzer on your first shower after the tan.
  • Your skin was too dry due to rough exfoliation and or oil in your exfoliator.
  • You had lotion / makeup/ deodorant or anything on your skin and it acted as a barrier.

I have a sun burn, can I get a airbrush tan?

We do not recommend this because as your skin peels off you will have new skin under neath and you will appear patchy. If this happens gently exfoliate the edges and apply a lotion that does not contain mineral oil and a bronzer to blend the lighter areas.

How can I prevent uneven color wear-off?

Moisturizing daily with sunless safe regular lotion as well as daily application of a tan extender lotion and every other day application for sensitive skin. This will help blend as it is fading.

Will this protect me from UVA & UVB rays?

NO. There is no sunscreen in the solution. It is recommended to follow regular precautions when being in the sun.