Post Tan Instructions

Rinse 8-24 hours (24 Max) or as instructed. Rinse with luke warm to cool water only. Do not use any soaps, abrasives or exfoliate. Do not wash your hair during this rinse. Water only. Pat dry with a towel, do not rub. Apply a sunless approved lotion only as other lotions will strip your tan or alter the color.



  • Avoid sweating, swimming, exercising & all forms of water or liquid.
  • Avoid touching yourself to prevent transfer onto palms.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing.
  • Avoid pet kisses & intimate encounters.
  • Stay in long sleeve loose clothing to avoid skin on skin contact.
  • Stay in sandals or stay barefoot to keep your feet from sweating.
  • Keep your hair off your face & avoid wearing glasses if possible.
  • Your tan will continue to darken over time.
  • Apply baby powder in areas that rub or sweat, this will help with development & with fading.
  • Your hands & feet will look lighter but this will blend after your rinse.
  • Once you rinse the bronzer off it will reveal the tan that has developed underneath.
  • Some color will rinse off in the shower, this is normal.
  • We recommend not exercising for 36-48 hours.
  • Wait 48 hours to shave. When you do shave use a new razor without a mineral strip & hair conditioner to act as a buffer.
  • Your upper body will be lighter than your legs since legs are dry and absorb more of the product, this is normal.
  • Your face, hands & feet will fade the fastest due to washing and your feet due to sweating. Put baby powder in socks to help with this & use a sunless approved tan extender to keep the tan up with the rest of the body.
  • Scrub palms after use with these products.


Make sure you are moisturizing morning & night to help prolong & help with fading. Take showers less frequently, when you do make them quick and cool. Do not use abrasives or exfoliate. Only wash what needs to be washed. Do not be rough with your skin & always pat dry instead of rub. Avoid bar soaps, mineral oil, anti aging, acne & dove products. Use gentle moisturizing cleansers. Wear loose fitting clothing as often as possible.


  • Being in the sun, swimming pools, oceans & hot tubs as well as sweating activities like working out will fade your tan faster.
  • We recommend a tan extender if you plan on doing these activities.
  • To help with fading, apply a sunless approved lotion or SPF 10-15 minutes before these activities & re apply every 2 hours.
  • No spray cans or oils.
  • Mineral based water resistant lotion form SPF is best.

Soaking will fade it faster. Do in and out sessions. After being in pools, oceans or hot tubs a cool rinse is recommended if an outside shower is available, patting dry with the towel.

Exercising within the first 36 hours after a spray is not recommended. EXERCISING BEFORE YOU RINSE THE BRONZER OFF MAY CAUSE STREAKING. Please do your first rinse before you exercise & then apply a natural lotion.
After 5-10 days, depending on your speed of fading, GENTLY exfoliate your skin (head to toe) each day so that your tan fades evenly.
If your sunless tan is fading in patches, you are not moisturizing those areas enough to help it fade out evenly. Make sure to increase your moisturizing for your next spray.

If your tan is fading in patches or is getting blotchy it is time to exfoliate it off.
If there is an issue or accident with your spray please contact us within 24 hours (as soon as possible) so we can fix it before it fully develops.